Mission and vision

Our mission

SURFsara supports research in the Netherlands by developing and offering advanced and sustainable ICT infrastructure, services and expertise.

We ensure this support by:

  • providing an integrated ICT research infrastructure
  • providing services in the areas of computing, data storage, visualization, networking, cloud and e-Science
  • the provision of multidisciplinary expertise and support in ICT technology and applications
  • doing all required innovation, engineering and development.

Our motto: Advanced and sustainable infrastructure, services, support, innovation and development go hand in hand.

Our vision

  • The Netherlands has a top ICT research infrastructure that is well integrated into the European e-infrastructure.
  • For excellent research and innovation advanced, sustainable ICT services and a sustainable infrastructure are essential.
  • Through cooperation with the institutions of SURF and NWO, the universities and research institutes in the Netherlands and abroad, we realize this vision.