3rd Lisa User Day

On December 13, 2012 SARA has organized the third Lisa User Day. This event brought together Lisa users - ranging from novice to expert - from diverse backgrounds and the Lisa support team of SARA to share experiences and expertise in optimizing the usage of the Lisa system.

There were short talks by fellow users (with a prescribed outline with a focus on sharing Lisa experiences). People of the Lisa support team will cover subjects like the system architecture (e.g. node differences), optimizing programs, using shared and distributed memory, efficiently running multiple jobs.

During the lunch break we organized a so-called 'laptop session' where the available SARA staff could be asked to have a look at current problems and/or do the same with fellow users with similar problems.


09:30  Coffee and registration

10:00  Opening - Jaap Dijkshoorn, SARA

10:05  Lisa: Where to find what? - John Donners, SARA

10:35  Gene-set analysis of large-scale GWAS schizophrenia data - Christiaan de Leeuw, VU

10:55  Efficient jobs - Willem Vermin, SARA

11:25  Calculating Activity Coefficients using Molecular Dynamics Simulations - Sondre Schnell, TU Delft

11:45  New Super - Walter Lioen, SARA

11:55  Lunch and laptop session

13:55  Fluctuation-stabilized marginal networks and anomalous entropic elasticity - Matthew Dennisson, VU

14:15  O3 considered harmful - Sjoerd Meijer, SARA

14:45  Tea break

15:05  Shared and distributed memory - Jeroen Engelberts, SARA

15:35  Understanding the role of water in ruthenium catalysed transfer hydrogenation of ketones - Anna Pavlova, UvA

15:55  Application support and parallelization - Willem Vermin, SARA

16:25  Closing remarks - Jaap Dijkshoorn, SARA

16:30  Drinks