e-BioGrid Momentum

e-Infrastructure for Life Sciences: State of affairs

On December 17, 2012, the e-BioGrid Momentum was held at Science Park Amsterdam. The e-BioGrid project is part of the BiG Grid project to establish an e-infrastructure for life sciences.

Life sciences today deal with data-intensive and high-throughput experimentation that requires an e-Infrastructure in terms of computing, storage, data transfers and sharing. Since 2010 the e-BioGrid project established this e-Infrastructure by providing the support and developing portals or ported life science applications giving life scientists and bioinformaticians access to the e-infrastructure of BiG Grid.

At the event, the results of the e-BioGrid project of the past 2.5 years were presented. The project will finish December 31, but, as part of the e-BioGrid success, the life science specific support and development of the e-Infrastructure will be continued within SURFsara and its e-infrastructure partners.


The program can be found on the e-BioGrid-website. It included presentations about the e-Infrastructure developments and results in the selected technology areas: next-generation sequencing, biobanking, mass spectrometry, microarray technology, nanoscopy and medical imaging, as well as findings in general from the e-BioGrid e-core team in requirements and future needs.

This seminar is supported by BiG Grid and NBIC.