SURFsara's contribution to BioAssist

BioAssist is a project of the Dutch Bioinformatics Centre NBIC. SURFsara’s e-Science team has been working together with NBIC in this project. Currently, we are involved in the e-BioGrid project providing consultancy and support on High Performance Computing and e-Science activities.

For whom?

The first goal of BioAssist is to support the Netherlands Genomics Initiative (NGI) with their bioinformatics needs. Furthermore, all people that need bioinformatics in the Netherlands can come to BioAssist for help.

Support groups

BioAssist has different groups for different kinds of support:

  • For problems that come back in many groups, task forces have been set up that collaborate on developing software to solve them. This software should be usable by bioinformaticians and biologists.
  • To solve bioinformatics questions of individual research groups, the Bioinformatics Research Support (BRS) can help find the right tools and make them work for a specific case.
  • To be able to help many users without having to install all software everywhere, the e-BioGrid team can help making applications available through remote (web) interfaces or on large-scale computer infrastructure.
  • To make new tools that were developed as academic prototypes available to a larger users group, the BioAsssist Engineering Team (BET) will take them one step further along in their development.