DEISA, the Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications, is a consortium of leading national Supercomputing centers that aims at fostering the pan-European world-leading computational science research.


DEISA deploys and operates a persistent, production quality, distributed supercomputing environment with continental scope. It aims at delivering a turnkey operational solution for a future European HPC eco–system. And by extending the European collaborative environment in the area of supercomputing, DEISA is paving the way towards the deployment and operation of a persistent cooperative European HPC ecosystem, as suggested by ESFRI.


DEISA2, funded by the European Commission in FP7, continues to develop and support the pan-European distributed high performance computing infrastructure established since 2002 within the predecessor project, DEISA1, that was funded in FP6. The DEISA infrastructure is based on a tight coupling of eleven national supercomputing centers from seven European countries, using dedicated network interconnections of GÉANT2 and the NRENs.

The DEISA consortium is currently consolidating the existing HPC infrastructure and services. Activities and services relevant for Applications Enabling, Operations, and Technologies are continued and enhanced, as these are indispensable for the effective support of computational sciences in the area of supercomputing. In addition, DEISA is extending the service provisioning model towards the inclusion of non-localized Virtual Science Communities. Accordingly, collaborative activities are expedited with further European and international initiatives.

The Huygens supercomputer at SARA is integrated in the DEISA grid. In DEISA, SARA is responsible for Operations.


The DEISA Extreme Computing Initiative was launched in May 2005 by the DEISA Consortium, as a way to enhance its impact on science and technology. The main purpose of this initiative is to enable a number of .grand challenge. applications in all areas of science and technology. These leading, ground breaking applications must deal with complex, demanding and innovative simulations that would not be possible without the DEISA infrastructure, and which benefit from the exceptional resources provided by the Consortium.

The DEISA applications are expected to have requirements that cannot be fulfilled by the national services alone.

A Call for Proposals for DECI is offered every year. Many Dutch researchers take advantage of DECI and run Grand Challenge applications using DEISA infrastructure.


DEISA ended April 30, 2011. The current infrastructure will continue as the Tier-1 layer in the PRACE project. The DEISA work will be continued in PRACE 2IP starting September 1, 2011. The DECI program will continue as Distributed European Computing Initiative.

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