GigaPort3 Research on Networks

What is the aim of the Research on Networks program?

The Research on Networks (RoN) program of GigaPort3 investigates the possibilities of new technology and architectures, and creates knowledge, methods, tools and demonstrations. SURFsara is one of the external research partners in the RoN program.

SURFsara is working on the following projects:

NGE testing

SURFsara will participate in the testing of the new SURFnet7 Next Generation Ethernet equipment. The new Carrier Ethernet services and features will be explored and tested. The features that will be investigated are Ethernet OAM, burst options (CIR+EIR), virtual services, etc.


OpenFlow is an open standard that allows for running experimental protocols in production networks. It is in the process of being implemented by major switch vendors and used today by universities (e.g. Stanford University), but also by Internet2. SURFsara will do a technology assessment of the features offered by OpenFlow.

Named Data Networking

Named data networking is a new data transfer protocol proposed by Van Jacobson. It is getting quite some momentum recently. The proposed Named Data Networking (NDN) architecture moves the communication paradigm from today’s focus on ‘where’, i.e., addresses, servers, and hosts, to ‘what’, i.e., the content that users and applications care about. By naming data instead of their location (IP address), NDN transforms data into first-class entities. SURFsara will do a technology assessment of the Named Data Networking concept.

Application and OS tuning towards 100 Gbps

We continue the work of end-to-end performance we started in 2010. Disk and file system I/O tuning parameters will be investigated and documented. With respect to network I/O we will investigate the tuning parameters in the TCP/IP stack and of 10GE and 40GE NICs.