e-Science Support & Development

Data challenges

Scientists face great challenges of producing, processing, storing and archiving an increasing amount of data. Instead of validating a single hypothesis, nowadays scientific discoveries are often done in bulk. Scientific data needs to be produced and processed. Scientific discoveries are made by querying the results.

What is e-Science?

This new way of doing science is called e-Science and relies heavily on High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructures. It involves - often large-scale - collaboration between between experts with different backgrounds. Science has become more interdisciplinary and involves a growing number of individuals, who are working for various organizations. This poses all kinds of challenges.

Access, support and development

The e-Science team at SURFsara supports the process of doing e-Science and offers advice, expertise and services to scientists. We provide access to HPC infrastructure, advice on its use and participate in various development projects. Our e-Science team is up to date with all major scientific disciplines. Because of the close cooperation between researchers and our advisors, we are familiar with the ICT-related problems and challenges researchers are facing. This enables us to keep lines of communication short and contribute directly to the creation of innovative solutions. The team can also be engaged to draw up research proposals and perform project management tasks.