High Performance Computing

Large-scale Computing Power

Researchers are increasingly confronted with enormous amounts of data ("Big Data") that must be processed, stored and analyzed. In such research High Performance Computing (HPC) is an indispensable tool. For example, researchers can use the national supercomputer services provided by SURFsara. Our national supercomputer Cartesius and the national compute cluster Lisa are fast and efficient tools enabling researchers to perform complex computations that are beyond the capacity of "ordinary" computers.

Tailored support

We can offer a tailored program to guide researchers in optimizing and parallelizing the required software. Our consultants are from different scientific disciplines themselves and know exactly how to help researchers benefit optimally from our supercomputer and compute clusters. High Performance Computing has been established as the so-called third methodology (next to theory and experiment).

Capability Computing vs. Capacity Computing

Capability computing is typically thought of as using the maximum computing power to solve a large problem in the shortest amount of time. Often a capability system is able to solve a problem of a size or complexity that no other computer can. Capacity computing in contrast is typically thought of as using efficient cost-effective computing power to solve somewhat large problems or many small problems or to prepare for a run on a capability system.

Available HPC facilities

  • Cartesius, the Dutch National Supercomputer is a general-purpose capability system with large memory SMPs, a fast interconnect and both a fast and large I/O subsystem. Video impression of Cartesius.
  • Lisa, the National Compute Cluster (Dell Xeon InfiniBand cluster) is a capacity system which also allows for running modestly parallel jobs. However, when you have demanding I/O requirements we advise to use Cartesius instead.
  • HPC Cloud Computing brings fast compute clusters within the reach of scientists for whom other HPC facilities are not an option.

Available Services

Apart from the regular user support, we also offer optimization, parallelization and scaling support.

National Partners

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