High Performance Networking

Synergy is essential

Synergy between network management, end user support, innovation and research is essential to SURFsara. The SURFsara network links the e-Infrastructure with the "outside world" through the SURFnet network and NetherLight. We are involved in many national and international high-bandwidth connections between end users and the supercomputing infrastructure.

Knowledge and support

We have specific knowledge to deploy such high-demanding connections and to help the researcher with the implementation. We support researchers in using these connections for their applications in the context of e-Science support. We contribute to many international research projects to stimulate the use of high-bandwidth networks.

SURFsara’s network infrastructure

The e-Infrastructure at SURFsara consists of, among others, computing facilities, data storage environments and visualization facilities. We make this available to our users through high-quality connections to the SURFnet network and the international optical exchange NetherLight. We provide high-bandwidth connections and lightpaths used by researchers who generate huge amounts of data that need to be transported to SURFsara. There are also connections between national and international (super)computer centers and research institutes. Businesses too can profit from the fast network connections and direct access to the infrastructure at SURFsara.

Transport of large datasets

The equipment of some research institutes generates huge amounts of data that need to be transported to SURFsara's storage facilities. Researchers use high-bandwidth connections to display results on local, high-resolution Tiled Panel Displays. SURFsara supports researchers working with demanding applications by measuring and monitoring the end-to-end network performance. We provide support on the end-to-end balance and scalability. More explicitly, the balance between all system components: from storage, CPU, memory, bus and network to display. All kinds of server and network parameters must be well understood, monitored and tuned to pinpoint bottlenecks in the overall performance.

Innovation and research

We contribute to international projects and participate in international organizations to stimulate the use of high-bandwidth networks. This work enables us to provide the researcher with up-to-date knowledge in high performance networking technology. The Network Research Group at SURFsara presents their work on international conferences and in scientific publications.