Obtaining an HPC Cloud account

How to apply for an account

Affiliates of any of the Dutch Universities or Grand Technology Institutes can submit an application for access to the SURFsara HPC Cloud. This involves the following steps:

  1. Fill out the web form and specify the details of your request on-line.
  2. Your application will be processed by SURFsara, which will include a technical evaluation of your request.
  3. An initial assessment may take place (conversations between you and SURFsara advisors). This validates your project's suitability for the HPC cloud.
  4. Having a suitable project, initial access is provided for you to start operating.
  5. Eventually, an independent technical team will approve your request. You will receive an official confirmation letter after that.

Documentation and support

A user manual can be found on the support portal. Please, feel free approach us regarding HPC Cloud through helpdesk@surfsara.nl

Taking over Big-Grid

SURFsara (used to be through NWO, see change notification) handles user applications for all systems in the e-Infrastructure since January 2013.