Interdisciplinary research community

CineGrid's mission is to build an interdisciplinary community focused on the research, development and demonstration of networked collaborative tools, enabling the production, use and exchange of very high-quality digital media over high-speed photonic networks.

SURFsara’s contribution

SURFsara is a partner in CineGrid NL and is also a member of the worldwide CineGrid organization. We contribute to the CineGrid activities with 4K (4096*2160 pixels per frame) and higher (8K, 16K, mono and stereo) resolution video streaming and visualization technology and expertise, with special emphasis on high-resolution scientific data. The focus lies on live streaming of centrally rendered scientific images to remote locations and to enable remote collaboration.

At the CineGrid International Workshop 2012 in San Diego a technical demonstration was held in which live footage shot in a greenscreen studio at the Dutch Film Academy was streamed to San Diego, where a virtual scene was added in real-time by render nodes at SURFsara. See here for a more extensive description including "making of" documentary (in Dutch).

CineGrid NL

CineGrid NL is sponsored by the Municipality of Amsterdam, Pieken in de Delta, EFRO and the province of Noord-Holland.