Collaboratorium - a visualization and presentation facility

The 'Collaboratorium' is an advanced visualization and presentation space for science and industry. Researchers are faced with exponential growth and complexity of data from observations, experiments and simulations. Datasets of tens, even hundreds of terabytes are no exception. The obtained data is increasingly important for a large range of disciplines.

Coping with Big Data

The Collaboratorium is ideal for researchers working with very large datasets. Using the Collaboratorium they get access to a powerful environment for (visual) interpretation and exploration in combination with good facilities for exchange, presentations and communications with colleagues. It offers an excellent opportunity for joint ventures and technology transfer between science, government and business, and will contribute to the 'topsectoren' policy of the Dutch government.


The Collaboratorium is composed of a combination of rendering facilities, high resolution (2D and 3D) displays, videoconferencing, presentation capabilities in a space that is perfectly suitable for discussion, allows (groups of) researchers to discuss large (multidisciplinary) issues in collaboration with (remote) colleagues from a variety of disciplines and e-Science specialists.

Photo: High-resolution visualization of simulated turbulence in atmospheric boundaries, viewed on the display inside the new Collaboratorium. Source: Professor Harm Jonker, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Delft University of Technology.

More information

Detailed information on SURFsara's visualization services can be found in our Visualization White Paper.