What is EPIC?

The European Persistent Identifier Consortium (EPIC) is a joint venture of CSC, IT Center for Science Ltd. (Helsinki, Finland), GWDG, Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung mbH Göttingen and SURFsara.


The consortium aims to offer European scientists a Persistent Identifier (PID) infrastructure. Persistent Identifiers are unique markers, which can be used to identify digital documents (e.g. text files, web pages, photographs, films, sound files), or specific objects (e.g. paintings, sculptures), so that they can always be traced, even if they have been moved to a different location, or if their URL has changed. It is important that the solution is sustainable over time (persistent). The international collaboration of various institutes in EPIC also stands for robustness in organizational terms, since the user of this service is not dependent on one organization.

EPIC User Forum 2011 in Amsterdam

On 12-13 April 2011, the second EPIC User Forum was held at SURFsara in Amsterdam. The full program, including presentations can be found here.

More information

For your information you can download the EPIC Flyer


If you are interested in EPIC or want to have more information on SURFsara's contribution to EPIC, please send an email to epic@surfsara.nl.