Towards a pan-European Collaborative Data Infrastructure

On 1 October 2011, the EUDAT project was launched to target a pan-European solution to the challenge of data proliferation in Europe's scientific and research communities. Aiming to contribute to the production of a Collaborative Data Infrastructure driven by researchers’ needs, the project is coordinated by CSC - IT Center for Science, Finland, and co-funded by the European Commission’s Framework Programme 7.


EUDAT aims to provide Europe’s scientific and research communities with a sustainable pan-European infrastructure for improved access to scientific data. Burgeoning volumes of valuable and complex data - newly available from powerful new scientific instruments, simulations and digitization of library resources - represents a fantastic opportunity for science, but has created new challenges related to data management, access and preservation. EUDAT aims to address these challenges and exploit the opportunities using its vision of a Collaborative Data Infrastructure.

Aim is to develop a generic infrastructure for scientific data management that can be used by a diversity of research communities and existing infrastructures. This can only be achieved through a systematic and focused approach covering the entire life cycle of data objects. And by encouraging collaboration between the various stakeholder; in particular between the communities involved in designing specific services and the data centers willing to provide generic solutions. EUDAT's ultimate goal is to develop a high-quality, cost-efficient and sustainable pan-European data ecosystem, driven by European research needs and user communities.


The EUDAT consortium comprises 25 European partners, including data centers, technology providers, research communities and funding agencies from 13 countries, who will work together to deliver a Collaborative Data Infrastructure that can sustainably meet future researchers’ needs.

SURFsara's contribution

As Work Package leader, SURFsara is responsible for technology appraisal and designing of the EUDAT candidate services.

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