‘Transnational access’ research visits

Since 2004 the HPC-Europa team at SARA has happily been serving more than 200 academic visits to our local HPC communities. Scientists from all over Europe were enabled to visit research groups in the Netherlands, fully accommodated and supported by the project, to collaborate in all fields that depend on high-performance computing. On the other hand, researchers from the Netherlands were supported by the HPC-Europa project to make visits abroad.

As the successor of the EC-funded projects HPC-Europa and HPC-Europa (2004-2008), the HPC-Europa2 project has been increasingly successful with growing numbers of visiting scientists. In 2012 alone, up to 32 scientists visited the Netherlands to collaborate with Dutch research centres on various topics and with support from SARA.

End of project

The HPC-Europa2 project came to an end in 2012. Currently there is no funding available to continue this activity in the coming years. We are actively seeking funding opportunities together with our other HPC-Europa partners to be able to continue this successful activity in the future. Whenever there will be a continuation of the Transnational Access activity in any form in the future, this will of course be announced broadly.