What are the objectives of HPDMnet?

The High Performance Digital Media Network (HPDMnet) and its related activities comprise an experimental network research initiative that is designing, developing and implementing the world's first international high performance service specifically created for high quality, large-scale digital media, including support for extremely high volume media streams. SURFsara is a participant in HPDMnet.

Advanced concepts

This research initiative represents a complete departure from existing services, which are based on legacy services and technologies and which cannot meet many emerging needs for high quality, reliable services. By using advanced concepts, architecture, and technology, this initiative is providing a foundation for future digital media services, as well as for other data-intensive applications.

Cooperative partnership

HPDMnet was established as a cooperative partnership by several major network research centers. Because this initiative is a research project, it is continually progressing through on-going iterations. Major milestones are indicated in part by large-scale demonstrations at national and international forums.