Joint research lab

The Amsterdam LightHouse is a joint research lab created in 2005 by SURFsara and the Universiteit van Amsterdam for network research, experimental set-ups. It is housed At the data center with plenty of network connectivity, and serves as an easily accessible lab for innovation and collaboration.


The goals of the Amsterdam LightHouse are:

  • Create a demonstration facility, which allows us create permananent demonstrations with actual high-performance networks, which we can show to visitors.
  • Create a workplace for students where they can get hands-on experience with live equipment.
  • Create a flexible testbed for all kinds of research within SURFsara, in particular experimental setups for network research.

Past Projects

The LightHouse has served as:

  • OptIPuter node, with for collaborations with OptIPuter partners like Calit2 and EVL.
  • Demonstration room for SURFsara’s tiled panel display
  • Network lab for 10 Gb/s, 40 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s network tests
  • Interdomain control plane software tests between SURFsara and the University of Amsterdam
  • Server performance hardware and software tests
  • Node for international demonstrations in the GLIF community
  • Home for student research projects of the System and Network Engineering master at the University of Amsterdam.