Open Grid Forum

Open Source Standards essential for SURFsara

Without the availability of high quality Open Standards, the usage of SURFsara's systems would be totally different. All systems are interconnected and the software components interoperate with each other in numerous ways. The use of openly available standards that make SURFsara’s facilities accessible to users and allows us to easily collaborate with partners within Europe.

SURFsara contributes to the Open Standards Community

In addition to using Open Standards, SURFsara actively participates in a number of standardization bodies.

Open Grid Forum

The Open Grid Forum (OGF) is a standardization organization in the area of distributed computing.

Network Markup Language

Freek Dijkstra of SURFsara is one of the two chairs of the Network Mark-up Language Working Group (NML-WG) of the Open Grid Forum (OGF). The goal of this working group is to create a terminology and syntax for network topology description. Topology descriptions can be used for both path finding and monitoring. The specific area for this working group is to make it easier to exchange network topology information between network operators.