More insight in scientific datasets

Visualization is an important tool for gaining insight in scientific datasets. In some cases, full numerical analysis of results is not feasible or not wanted. Visualization can usually provide ways to get a first overview of results, to look for interesting phenomena in the data, to check correctness of results and, most importantly, to communicate scientific results.

How do we work?

The SURFsara Visualization group works on all manner of scientific visualization tasks. We perform not just the classical mapping of data to meaningful pictures or movies, but also more exotic visualization tasks, such as creation of visualization tools with Google Maps and Google Earth, providing service for parallel remote visualization and development multitouch interactive visualization applications.


We house an advanced visualization and presentation room, called the "Collaboratorium", enabling high-resolution visualization on a 16 megapixel video wall, while providing multi-touch interaction, video-conferencing and 3D stereo projection.

From the Collaboratorium data in the SURFsara data center can be accessed using a high-speed optical connection, or it can be streamed from our Remote Visualization Cluster.

See here for more information.

SURFsara's visualization expertise

As a group we have expertise in the following areas:
  • Large-scale scientific visualization
  • High-resolution visualization using tiled-panel displays
  • Remote visualization using render clusters
  • Visualization network streaming
  • Visualization applications based on Google Earth and Google Maps, VTK, OpenGL, etc
  • Serious gaming

Who are using visualization?

We work on visualization projects for a number of Dutch universities and institutes and provide visualization support to users of the Dutch supercomputing infrastructure hosted at SURFsara. We are also active in Cinegrid Amsterdam and in the European projects PRACE-1IP and PRACE-2IP.

Click here for examples of recent projects.

Different types of support

In short, SURFsara's Visualization group provides different types of support for scientific projects:
  • Creation of scientific visualizations, such as publication-quality images and movies
  • Development and integration of visualization methods and applications
  • Consulting on visualization problems, including large-scale parallel visualization or high-resolution visualization