Filesystems on the HPC Cloud

The HPC Cloud has a 800TB storage facility, used for virtual disk images and common project storage.

It is important to notice that we offer two storage facilities in the HPC Cloud:

  • Images storage
  • VirDir storage

Images storage

The equivalent of physical storage units (i.e.: hard drive, CD-ROM, etc.) for virtual machines in the HPC Cloud are the so-called images. For example, an image is the storage place of a virtual machine where the operating system is installed. As a user, your images need to be stored so that you can use them from your virtual machines, and you are accountable for that space. You are allocated some images storage space whenever your account is created, based on your project needs.

VirDir storage

The images storage is not directly accessible by end users. Data in images can only be read/written from within running virtual machines. Only through virtual machines can these images be mounted.

On the contrary, VirDir is a different storage space that can be accessed directly. It can be mounted from virtual machines and it can be accessed via sftp from the outside world. This way, data can be exchanged between the HPC Cloud environment and the outside world.

It also offers some backup functionality.

Your VirDir space dimension is also set up in accordance to what your project needs, and you are accountable for it too.