New users of the Lisa system

Welcome to the Lisa system!

Now you have got an account on the Lisa system, it is time to see if it works properly. Here we tell you how to make an Internet connection with Lisa and how to login to the system.

How to connect to the Lisa system

How to make a connection is dependent of the kind of system you use.


There is more than one way to make a connection, we take PuTTY. If that program is not present on your system, you should install it now: go to the PuTTY download page and download putty.exe. Start PuTTY and fill in under 'Host Name (or IP address)'

Check the 'Connection type' radio button labeled 'SSH', click the 'Open' button.


Open a terminal window (for Ubuntu users: you find that here: 'Accessories - Terminal'). In that terminal window, type:

ssh <your_username>

If the ssh command cannot be found, install the ssh-client. For Ubuntu users:

sudo apt-get install openssh-client


Open a terminal window (You find that here: 'Applications - Utilities - Terminal'). In that terminal window, type:

ssh <your_username>

When connecting to the system for the first time, SSH will ask you to verify the RSA key fingerprint. When asked to do so, enter your password. Now you will see a screen filled with some text: the Message of the Day.

You are now 'logged in' to the Lisa system and you have a powerful Linux system at your disposal.

SURFsara app

Download the SURFsara app on your smartphone or tablet to get access to the status of the systems, your budget and more.

How to disconnect

Simply type


in the terminal window. Do not forget the 'Enter' after this command.

More information

More information on the software available on the Lisa system is available on SURFsara's pages, under 'Systems' -> Lisa.

More information about using Linux systems in general can be found on the web, for example: