Parallelization projects

Running projects

method field title
MPI/PETSc Navier-Stokes Fluid flow Parallelization of FinLab

Finished projects

The following projects on optimizing existing user programs were done at SARA:

method speedup field title
MPI 20 Large Eddy Simulation Parallelization of LESSTAG
Perl 100 Genetic analysis Optimization of a perl script for analysis of genetic interactions
CUDA/OpenMP 10/125 Feature mapping Parallelization ultrasound strain imaging using a Graphics Processing Unit
MPI 10 Bio Informatics Parallelization of MMBE
CUDA/OpenMP 200 Crystallography Using CUDA and OpenMP to optimize crystallographic codes
MPI n/a fluid dynamics Optimizing fluid dynamics code
MPI 18 theoretical chemistry Parallelization of the DirectMRDCI code in GAMESS
MPI/OpenMP 4 climate Parallelization of ANICE
MPI 5 molecular dynamics Parallelization of MD5
MPI 20 water management Parallelization of Xbeach
MPI 1.2 climate Parallelization of Speedy8
MPI 12 climate Parallelization of a atmospheric simulation code
MPI 40 astrophysics Parallelization of the ZEUS 3-D MHD code
MPI/OpenMP 20 theoretical chemistry Parallelization of a six-dimensional quantum scattering program
MPI 110 astrophysics Parallelization of Kira
MPI/OpenMP 34 theoretical physics Using MPI or OpenMP for a quantum field simulation
MPI 46 psysics Using MPI for a genetic algorithm
MPI 2500 psychonomics Using MPI for a artificial neural network
SWIG 12 bioscience Using SWIG for speeding up a Perl program
MPI 30 geoscience Using Scalapack for singular value decomposition
MPI/OpenMP 100 orthopaedics Parallelization of program for mechanical calculations on bone structures
MPI 15% physics Using MPI-I/O to boost the performance of a parallel program
RAMFS 3 computational chemistry Elimination of the I/O for an I/O intensive program
OpenMP 26 physics Parallelizing HYPAN
OpenMP 100 biomedical Parallelizing a heart simulation code using OpenMP
OpenMP 5000 ecology Optimization and parallelizing a fishermen simulation code
MPI N/A physics Converting specialized SHMEM code to generally applicable MPI code
MPI 14 physics The Parallelization of a Code for Complex Buoyancy/Magnetically-Driven Convection
OpenMP 6 climate Parallelizing Time_3d code using OpenMP
MPI/PVM 8 computational chemistry Parallelizing the diagonalization part of ADF
PVM 8 linguistics A PVM front-end for TiMBL
MPI 8 rheologics Parallelizing the Cholesky algorithm using Scalapack
OpenMP 8 theoretical physics Parallelizing GW code using OpenMP
MPI/OpenMP 45 theoretical physics The Parallelization of a DNS Code
MPI 40 plasma physics Parallelizing PICAr
MPI 6 solid state physics Parallelization of a LSW code
OpenMP 36 turbulent flow Parallelizing Direct Numerical Simulation of a Turbulent Pipe Flow
OpenMP 6 visualization Exploiting Parallelism for Radiosity-like Lighting Calculations
None 8 psychology Exploiting Parallelism without parallel methods