Access to the Remote Visualization Service


To get access to any of the SURFsara computer systems an administrative procedure has to be followed. On this page we will tell you how you can ask for access to the ELvis cluster. Once access is granted, you can have a look at the ELvis documentation pages where we explain how you can access and use the ELvis cluster. Contact us at for any additional information or help with your application.

How to apply for an account

Affiliates of any of the Dutch Universities or Grand Technology Institutes can submit an application for access to the SURFsara ELvis cluster. This involves the following steps:

  1. Fill out the web form and specify the details of your request on-line.
  2. Your application will be processed by SURFsara, which will include a technical evaluation of your request.
  3. Additional questions and notifications will be sent to you by SURFsara.